About Qoya

Qoya was founded by Rochelle Schieck in 2009. Her passion to explore the emerging essence of the feminine in her own life and in movement is coupled with her experience as a traveller and seeker of the world, a certified massage therapist, a shamanic energy healer, and her degree in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts. All this knowledge influenced her creation of the movement system, Qoya, a word from the Quechuan language of Peru and Bolivia, translating as “A Queen as a feminine manifestation of higher consciousness”.

Qoya creates a structure to move back into your body, to hear the voice of the soul and identify with your infinite essence that is wise, wild and free. Qoya is designed to feel how the body and movement are a portal to remembering, to feel our perspective shift from going through the motions to savouring life as sacred.

Rochelle says ~

“Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild and free. Imagine if you knew the pathways into yourself to access your inner wisdom, creativity, sensuality, and soul so that you could fully embody and express your intuition, do your sacred work, receive life’s blessings, and commune with the divine. These are things that I invite you to explore in Qoya, not just in class or on a retreat, but so that you can feel the physical sensation of your truth in your body and follow that feeling as North on your compass as you navigate the journey that is your life”.

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If you are curious about Qoya ask yourself these questions and if there is a resounding, intuitive YES to any of them come and try Qoya …

  • Do you want to find a movement class that gives you full permission to move in an intuitive, unprescribed way?

  • Do you feel music in your bones and want to move to a finely curated playlist of music in a safe space where you can really, truly express yourself?

  • Do you crave a deeper understanding of your own body’s wisdom and intuition?

  • Do you want to return or re-remember a sense of wildness within you?

  • Do you want to become conscious of and release a level of tension, stuck energy or traces of trauma?

  • Do you want to meet other women in your community who you can have real, honest conversation with, without the need to “fix”?


We Rest, We draw an oracle card for inspiration, We share (optional), We set intention, We circle the body, We open the heart area and circle the hips, We explore simple yoga postures as a form of prayer for ourselves and other women present, We look at shadow, We rise from shadow, We shake, We dance together and we dance as one, sometimes we sing, we gather and share once more and then we rest.

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