What Women Say About Qoya

“[Qoya is] a dance-yoga, a yoga-dance; a moving meditation; a way to move through space embodied; a way to move thoughts, feelings, insights, intuitions, a way for women to be with women supporting women; a room full of women who cry easily as soon as the energy gets released and the trust and honesty in the room blossoms. Right away I had total trust in Sarah, her humor, her humility, her self-disclosure, her going first with vulnerability. So therefore I trusted the room, the women. I resonated with the freedom to move, even in the yoga part, in ways that could be traditional, structured as in pose and posture, or in any other way that felt right. I loved that freedom and wildness.”

~ Sue, Falmouth, ME

“Qoya is a sacred and supportive circle of held space for women to unite in awesomeness and vulnerability. Each woman is encouraged to come as she is and acknowledge the beauty in that and those around her. Sarah is a total natural at leading Qoya classes. I'm so inspired by her passion for it, her authenticity, vulnerability, sense of humor and purely sweet encouragement toward us women.”

~ Kelley, S.Portland, ME

“FREEDOM...it's like removing the chains of daily life and setting them aside to love up and bring forward the wise woman within me. Sarah is a raw and wise Qoya leader who creates a censor free container with the pillars of trust and acceptance. We dance, share, release and I leave feeling empowered and joyful!”

~ Jamie, Freeport, ME

“I would describe Qoya as a movement practice that incorporates dance, yoga and other contemplative practices to create a connection to the divine feminine wisdom and intuition that is inherent in all women. Sarah is quite gifted in her ability to make each person feel safe and comfortable with what can feel like a very vulnerable experience. Her loving support and guidance is a touchstone for practitioners to be able to awaken to her heart's wisdom. I appreciate the way she shows up to each class with openess and compassion for all that is shared and expressed during our time together”

~ Margo, Portland, ME

“Qoya is a dedication and an honouring of myself, my life experience--beautiful and messy, all of it--that allows me to witness things for what they are with compassion, appreciation, and love.”

~ Megu, Portland, ME

“To me, Qoya has been a rejuvenating, deep-within accessing, reconnecting-to-your-soul process through movement, inquiry, and lots of support. The reminder to not have to fix each other, do anything but to simply be present and listen when we are sharing is very valuable. The experience feels so much more potent this way. It makes me feel less vulnerable in such possibly heightened moments...even being comforted can lead to a sense that there is something that needs fixing, that something is wrong. When others set a stage for giving permission to just be as is, it allows me the room to also give myself permission to be as is--something i find very challenging at times.”

~ Kris, Cape Elizabeth, ME

“Qoya has come to mean a great deal to me, it has become a beautiful way for me to access my inner wisdom by learning to listen and follow the cues of my body. I love to dance and move my body and always have, but I didn’t have the tools or the understanding that there was more to be learned through my dance and movement. By participating in Qoya there was true understanding of myself, releasing of pent up emotions, and connecting to other women through this shared embodied experience. I have become so invested in Qoya I choose to do the teacher training. I want to introduce Qoya to more women because I feel it is such an amazing, empowering tool for us.”

~ Hilary, Yarmouth, ME

“Each time I see Qoya on my calendar I begin to buzz with excitement and curiosity about what the experience will bring.  It is a highlight of my week, for sure.  It meets so many of my needs, rejuvenates me, and is just so fun!  Qoya is a transformative experience, and nourishing in so many ways.  I have found each class to provide an opportunity for profound joy, connection, reflection, and healing.  Qoya fosters embodiment and has played a significant part in my journey of falling in love with my body.  The structure of the class provides a safe and supportive container while allowing much freedom to move, feel, and experience in whatever way I'm needing at that moment.

Sarah's facilitation is warm, welcoming, joyful, humorous, and supportive.  From the moment I enter the space, I feel held.  She makes it clear that you absolutely cannot do it wrong, and that all parts of you are welcome.  Qoya is sacred, playful, and connective - a truly liberating experience.  Now that I've found it, I want it in my life for good”

~ Kate, S.Portland, ME